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Torture Ship Party Cruise 2019

(Germany) Kink Queens Magazine Cover Domme Mistress Amalie von Stein attended the 2019 Torture Ship Party Cruise in Germany where she joined some 500 revellers on the erotic cruise ship for the kinky annual festival.

Sex fetish fans from around the globe braved sweltering temperatures to wear leather and latex as they sailed on Lake Constance, after launching off from Friedrichshafen harbor for nautical naughtiness.

Crowds of vanilla peopled gathered along the shoreline to watch fetishists in skin-tight latex costumes, full bondage, horse heads, gimp masks, and fishnet vests march onboard the pleasure ship for the world’s largest BDSM boat party.

The Torture Ship has been running for more than two decades.

Amalie von Stein

Torture Ship Event 2019 was a fetish party full with great surprises! The day started with beautiful sunshiny weather, I was lucky enough to be on board with Vivshine Latex Care Company before the party started. I took the time to interview and meet some interesting people which where part of the tortureship and made the event special.

Sponsors like Vivishine and Weppy Makes You Happy as well as Thomas the organizer of the event where happy to answer some of the questions I had.

Watching the spectators gathering at the pier, we knew it was soon time for the grand entry of the artistically dressed fetish party people! At 7 pm the gates to the party boat opened, watching the parade of Kinky People making their way onto the boat was absolutely spectacular! Latex Lovers, Masks, Leather harnesses, dogs, ponys and much more – and the crowd was cheering!

At around 8 pm the party boat left the pier of Friedrichshafen and drove to Konstanz to pick up some more party people. The sun lost it’s heat and people took the time to meet friends, have a drink and enjoy the ride.

At Konstanz pier, there was another crowd awaiting the Torture Ship as we came into the harbor. A stop for some fire performances and to mingle with the crowd in Konstanz was a great highlight!

As the torture ship left the harbour the sun was setting and the Dj’s turned up the music for the people to dance into the night on Lake Constance.

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