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“Dommy Mommy,” MILF-Tastic Lily Craven. Interview by Ralph Greco, Jr.

A lady with a diverse past, from stripping to owning an oilfield storage and trucking company, earning a college degree at the age of forty, hosting a radio show as well as providing the unique service of a premier “Dommy Mommy,” Lily Craven is a formidable woman with a sweet nurturing side…unless you happen to be a bad boy.

Although even the most novice sub could probably figure it out, what does the term, exactly what kind of domina service do you provide as a “Dommy Mommy?”

The services I offer as a “Dommy Mommy” are unique to the dominant role. Although “Dommy Mommy” is very dominant, it is different from the usual mistress and a slave dynamic. I provide a very specific kink that is dominant, experienced, and nurturing. The “Dommy Mommy,” is typically a mature MILF, who flip flops between being disgusted by her son while at the same time being turned on by his nasty naughtiness.

I offer Live cam sessions, Custom videos, Pre-made videos, sexting, Live audio chats, and “Mommy” experience.

Do you provide other domina services or strictly only ever in the MILF role?

I do offer other domina services such as humiliation, CBT, edging, orgasm control, to name a few. But regardless of what service I am providing, I am still a MILF.

You also have appeared in a series of scenes as “Aunt Lily.” How does your aunt persona differ from your MILF/Mommy?

The Aunt Lily character is quite different from the Dommy Mommy. Aunt Lily is a single woman with no responsibilities to a family. She is happily divorced dating and having casual sex. Aunt Lily is a party aunt who gets a little tipsy and whoopsies…and fucks her nephew. Aunt Lilly knows what she did was wrong and does anything necessary to keep it a secret from the family. She is ashamed for what she has done…but deep down know that it still felt so good.

Dommy Mommy takes on the parenting role. She is cooking breakfast, sending her son off to school, cleaning after messy boys, and scolding her son when he is naughty. Dommy Mommy also expresses her disgust with her son having the hots for her.

Yet she is the “Mom,” and nobody can teach you better than your “Mom.”

Our of all your punishments, what seems to be the most effective for putting naughty boys back on the right path?

Depending how naughty they are, I will not let them touch their dingling while watching me fuck myself. Sometimes I will not let them explode like they need to so bad. And other times, I make them clean up their own mess by licking it clean. Of course, the ultimate reward is fucking their mom’s pussy.

As a Dommy Mommy, what do you find men (and I assume it is mostly men who come to you?) want most?

A major component to the Dommy Mommy niche is dirty talk and dialogue. Most often a “son” comes with specific phrases they want repeated. They tend to be similar with others, so it is a language I know how to speak fluently with the “son” jacking off to the storyline or the Dommy Mommy talk. As you can imagine, when shooting this kind of content for scenes it is not filmed the same as a typical porn scene where it is focused on sex, penetration, and pop shots.

You also host a radio show called Phone Sex with Lily show. Do you dom there?

Not necessarily. The “Phone Sex with Lily Show” features interviews with adult industry talent, men and women who are both in front of and behind the camera. At the beginning of each episode, I have phone sex with my guest, so that showcases my Dommy Mommy side. As you can imagine, there are lots of great characters and wonderful unique personalities in the industry, so the shows so far have been very entertaining, as much for me, as for the guests, and certainly for my listeners.

And on top of all of this, mummying to naughty boys, attending to your fans and clients, hosting a radio show, you also shoot scene that do not feature you any kind of domination? In this kind of work, what is your favorite kind of triple x scene to shoot…and why?

Aside from Dommy Mommy, I love to shoot scenes involving objects or people that are BIG. I love to be stretched and gaped because it makes the orgasm much more intense. Most recently, I shot a scene POV style where a big man was fisting me. I took the whole hand to his wrist. It was very intense. In Miami, I shot a double penetrating vagina scene with two extremely hung men. That was a first for me and I loved it! Also, I have mastered “The Great American Challenge” dildo. The name says it all.

What’s coming up for you in the new year?

2022 will be focused on my Radio show and increasing “Dommy Mommy” content and services. I have taught myself from scratch how to operate my own radio show. I am hoping to improve my skills in that department. My goal is to produce entertaining and educating episodes consistently.

I am always full of wild ideas, so I never know what I am going to get into, but I want to expand my “Dommy Mommy” services and content in the New Year. I always tell my “sons,” if you have ideas that you would like your “Dommy Mommy” to do, please reach out to me. If I make your idea come to life, I will offer it to you free of charge. Nobody knows the fetish better than the ones who participate.

Lily Craven can be found here:
Twitter @lilycravenXXX or @lily40xxx
IG @real_lilycraven
FB @lily.craven40
Or join me live on Chaturbate@


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