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Diaper Play With Miss Mae

The adorable Domme, Miss Mae Ling shares the many ways how you can incorporate diaper play into any kink. 

Recently, Miss Mae Ling shared with Dan and Dawn on their Erotic Awakening Podcast the multitude of ways of how one can play with diapers. It isnt just a diaper, think about it emphasizing or highlighting the play that you already partake in.  

The crinkles of the diapers can be used as a notification system, telling you when your submissive is moving perhaps out of position leading to punishment.says Mae Ling. 

Dont know where to get started with diapers? Listen to what Miss Mae Ling suggests for your very first time. 

To listen to Mae Ling chat with Dan and Dawn, click here. 

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Listen to Erotic Awakening for more episodes on all things erotic. 


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