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Siri Dahl, Formerly Known as Siri, Mounts a 2020 Comeback

Bigger Than Sex invites you to join its international movement, inviting women from different lines of sex work to get together to take a stand for something bigger than sex. Bigger Than Sex is a campaign with multiple motives and causes for sex workers that is rarely addressed in the mainstream.

The main motive of the movement is to cause female empowerment within sex workers by creating videos of gratitude posted on social media. These could include those that work as a dominatrix, findom, porn producer, pornstar, stripper, etc. Check out the video posted by adult film star Silvia Saige. Performers Violet Doll, Isabell Sinclair, and Marabelle Blue have posted videos their own videos as well!

By the sex worker community standing together in empowerment and synergy, we aim to raise funds for struggling sex workers who require confidential support and aftercare to those affected by sex trafficking.

Through the launch of the videos we aim to capture the genuine diversity and experiences of backgrounds within the industry, as well as racial lines. To move, touch, and inspire the community through authenticity is our number one value.

So if you are one who is moved, touched, and inspired by the #BIGGERTHANSEX movement you can donate to our fundraiser where 100% of proceeds will go to The CupCake Girls to provide financial assistance to sex workers and sex trafficked victims.

So are you ready to participate? Click Here for the Vision Form. To contribute to our Fundraiser Click Here. To stay up to date on Bigger Than Sex be sure to follow us on Instagram: @biggerthansex and Twitter: @biggerthansex

Thank you for being open, taking a stand and being a cause for something bigger!

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