Queen Cobra

I am a Lifestyle Dominant who takes great pride and great pleasure in Femdom and BDSM. With over a decade of know-how in this way of life, I am an internationally published fetish model, a performer, and an educator. And I am a Hypno Domme.

Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to relax, to unwind, and also to set a scene, or recondition one’s mind. Whether you desire to be gently seduced and teased by a Dominant woman…or to become a completely brainwashed plaything for my pleasure and amusement… there is something for everyone on the spectrum. The same way I love to seduce and enthrall my audience, and weave stories within my photographs, I put that same passion and love into my recordings. Every custom commission is highly personalised, with my signature flair, and no two are the same.

You may email me your enquiries about customising your unique Femdom Hypnosis audio session, or about fetish modelling and performing.

You can also wander over to my Patreon, where a library of Femdom Hypnosis audios are exclusively available for a donation, where all proceeds go back into producing more content, more art, and kink education and awareness projects.

I beckon you, to allow yourself to become lost in my world. Let me tempt you, to be seduced, to be caressed, by the sound of my voice.

I invite you, to sink deeper into my presence.

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