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Love Is In The Ass: Anal is the New Black

CARMEN RIVERA dominates the theme like no other, and in her new book ‘LOVE IS IN THE ASS’, she tells you everything you always wanted to know about anal games.

(Berlin, Germany) – Not only her experiences as a woman with the back doors of the men are blown out, but also the ANAL-YSE of her own life comes up.

“Sincerely thank all the world´s ASSHOLES, for the many inspirations that have led me to write this book,” says Carmen. “It does not matter which nationality, religion, age or sexual orientation you have. ‘Tightly’ always remains a ‘stretchable’ concept!”

In the end it is the certainty: anal pleasures are also for heterosexual men and the most fun is when the woman is hand-firm in the matter, she says.

Because it is uncensored, the book ‘LOVE IS IN THE ASS – ALL ABOUT ANAL GAMES of CARMEN RIVERA’ is only in select EROTIK STORES and the Online-Shop of Carmen Rivera.

The book is bilingual in German/English, has 252 pages and is bound in a complex hardcover.

Price: 29,95 EUR plus shipping and handling. Order online at: or or mail to:

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