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Brittany Andrews: The Bitch (Boys) is Back

Brittany Andrews is back, but this time you’d better call her Mistress Mommy. She’s reviving her classic series “Brittany’s Bitch Boys” in a brand new scene. As a bonus, it will be recorded live at Candy Shop Studios in Las Vegas, on Friday, June 14.

First started in the ‘90s on VHS (ask your mommy, kids… and say please), Brittany is one of the Pounding Fathers of the pegging scene as stated on Wikipedia. She continued the series into DVD and over 20 years later the series is still going strong via various digital platforms. For this episode she’s picked a special bitch right from her OnlyFans community, which YOU can be a part of for just $5.99 per month. Sign up today to get access to this all-new scene as well as premium, members-only content provided by Brittany herself including exclusive chats.

“Mistress Mommy loves her fans,” says Brittany. “It was only right that I should choose a new number one bitch and pain slut from my OnlyFans. I love my supportive community, and I can’t wait to give them what they want. This time, I’ll be giving it extra hard.”

Brittany will be kicking off her joint venture with Candy Shop LV Studios with this Production of Brittany’s Bitch Boys. She will be Live streaming this Episode of BBB in their new, state-of-the-art studio in Las Vegas. The Studio has been designed specifically with live-streaming in mind. It is a full interface that allows stars like Brittany to bring new content to the people who want it. They will be doing a gigantic, multi-media roll out in 2020 together.

Brittany will be producing her own channel with Candy shop Studios that will include various series of hers such as the “Brittany’s Bitch Boys’ series and her ‘My Tinder Diaries”. In addition, she’ll be creating new content for “Vegas HotSpots” which will include fashion, Food, and night life in Las Vegas. interviews with DJs and musicians in “The Mix Box”, and intimate discussions with her fellow adult film personalities in a new segment called “The After Party”. Brittany remains a true Renaissance woman, and the deal with CSS will help her show off her myriad of Talents to old and new fans alike.

“I’ve been creating content like this for over 20 years. It is my Passion. It allows me to connect with people, which is so important,” says Brittany. “They’re the ones who watch you, support you, and want to see you. I love sharing my life and talents with them, especially when it allows me to show off Vegas and all my friends in the music, party, and porn industries. I like to live a fun life, and creating content via film and streaming gives #BritsLegion a chance to be a part of it anywhere in the world.”

Brittany’s Bitch Boys Friday, June 14 Join at and watch the Live Streaming at

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