Queens Layla


An exotic Eurasian beauty that exudes the perfect blend of sophistication and temptation, mystery and adventure, perverse sexuality and intimate sensuality.

You feel alive when you are in My presence, comforted by My essence, hypnotized by My voice, mesmerized by My beauty, charmed by My mind – you are immediately enamored.

My deep understanding of the human psyche, sexuality, human desires and needs, along with My practical skills, expertise, and training from La Domaine Esemar make Me skilled in the Arts of the Dominatrix.

I use My natural talents, intuition and insight in My practice. I am an Expert in the Art of Seduction and a Master of Control – the Ultimate Femme Fatale.

With an education background and over 10 years teaching experience, My skills and nurturing attitude allow you to truly feel free to express yourself under My loving guidance. Experience submission through My expert hand, hypnotizing voice and mind-blowing power.

I am here for you on your kinky journey, to discover your wild side, whatever your fetish or fantasy may be – let your erotic mind wander freely and dive deeper to elevate yourself. I will tap into your world of suppressed desires and identities, relieve its pressures and lead you to a deep cathartic release. I truly believe BDSM to be an extraordinary healing modality. Do you dare to own your sexuality and be free with me? Surrender and free yourself. X Queen Layla

Age: 33
Gender: Female
Height: : 5’9″
Weight: 135 lbs.
Chest: 36B -28

Website: www.queenlayla.com
Twitter: @iamqueenlayla
Instagram: @iloveyouqueenlayla